I Am Gold Plated Wood, How About You?

Julie and I were sitting outside the other night around the fire pit talking about various Biblical concepts, and something dawned on me…

In the Old Testament God’s presence sat inside the tabernacle on the mercy seat. Each piece of furniture is metaphoric of some Spiritual function. For example the brazen laver where people would wash to be clean entering into God’s presence. We repent and “wash our sins” in the blood of Jesus as grace covers us.

I have heard these concepts taught my entire life. It came to me what the ark of the covenant is symbolic of… US! The ark of the covenant is symbolic of a born again child of God. It was made of wood, symbolic of humanity, covered in pure gold, symbolic of Deity. We are humans that are covered by the Deity of God’s Spirit at new birth. Inside the ark were a few items: 1) The 10 commandments, God’s Word written on our hearts. 2) Manna that fed the children of Israel in the wilderness, the Bread of Life Jesus. 3) Aaron’s rod that grew almonds, death coming to life.


The function of the ark of the covenant was to give a throne for God’s presence, and to carry God’s covenant with mankind across the earth. That is our function when we are born again. God establishes a covenant with us. We become His heir. We are part of His Kingdom. His presence is the earnest of our inheritance. His presence is the seal of His covenant towards us. Go be who and what God created you to be!

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